14 december 2011

En snögubbe till tomtestugan

En liten snögubbe gjord av akrylmålad skumgummi, med målad mandelnäsa och mössa av en gammal fingervantetopp. Han pryder sin plats utanför julkalenderns tomtehus.

2 kommentarer:

Trixie sa...

I am not sure where I found you on what blog or where. But I love seeing your work in my inbox regularly. I don't have a clue what your words are but that is the great thing about Art...you don't need words. I will be showcasing you today on my art blog about this very thing.

Elin sa...

Thank you so much! (And if you want to know what I write about there is a google translate-button in the sidebar on the right side)


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